Klik Klak vape wholesale

It is Stoptober, the 28-day no-smoking challenge in on. Coincidentally, a new vape device is in the market; Klik Klak vapes. There are plenty of reasons you would want to get one; they are cool, they have built-in magnets, you get to create your own flavours …and they’ll help you quit smoking, or will they? Find out with Vapor Shop Direct Distribution.


Klik Klak vapes

At first glance, this is NOT an ordinary vape – there are clearly visible embedded magnets on the side. However, the device functions identically to any other disposable vape; it comes pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid, there is a built-in battery and there is a range of flavours to purchase from.

Klik Klak vapes are extremely convenient to use; there are no buttons (it is inhale activated), the vape pods have a compact lightweight design and there are no charging ports. The battery will last as long as the e-liquid inside, eliminating the need for charging.

Klik Klak vape features

  • Up to 600 puffs per vape pod
  • 10 base flavours
  • Over 55 unique flavour combinations
  • 2ml of Nic Salt E-Liquid
  • 20mg nicotine strength


Embedded magnets; double the power and flavour

What makes Klik Klak vapes so revolutionary is the embedded magnets. You can ‘click’ two Klik Klak vapes together to form a new flavour powered by two batteries and two coils. You get double the power you get from a single vape pod. The mouthpiece of each Klik Klak vape is built to align when combined with another disposable vape, forming a single, much wider mouthpiece.

With ten base flavours to purchase from, you can create up to 55 unique flavour combinations with Klik Klak vapes. Simply click two standalone Klik Klak vapes together, and the new combined device will be a mixture of both flavours. This means that by purchasing just two Klik Klak vapes, you get 3 flavours, and by purchasing three Klik Klak vapes, you get up to 6 different flavours.

Combining two Klik Klak vapes also means you double the lifetime of each individual device. Your new combined vape pods will deliver 1200 puffs and will have 4ml of e-liquid inside.


Will Klik Klak vapes help me quit smoking?

The answer is Yes! Klik Klak vapes are great for ex-smokers or those looking to make the transition.

Klik Klak vapes deliver a smooth throat hit, and an MTL experience similar to that of a cigarette. The 20mg nicotine strength will soothe your nicotine desires and deliver a dosage similar to that of a cigarette. If you are fresh off the cigarette, the most difficult part of staying away from smoking is the insatiable nicotine desire. Klik Klak vapes provide a quick-acting nicotine kick that will make you forget smoking altogether.


Are Klik Klak vapes safe?

There are plenty of contradictory statements across the internet related to vaping and safety. While there are far fewer studies conducted on vape devices as opposed to smoking, there is enough evidence to conclude that vaping is much, much safer than smoking. Your Klik Klak disposable vape is capable of delivering the same nicotine kick a cigarette does without any of the carcinogenic chemicals that accompany tobacco smoke. Vapour doesn’t contain carbon monoxide or tar – the two notorious substances that are responsible for thousands of lung-related and cardiovascular diseases each year.



Klik Klak vapes make a great Stoptober companion, on your way to stop smoking. Vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking, involving none of the harmful chemicals present in tobacco smoke. Purchasing Klik Klak vapes is also many times cheaper than buying packs of cigarettes, making it a money-saving, life-saving transition.

To help you on your journey to quit, Vapor Shop Direct Distribution offers exclusive deals on Klik Klak vapes, whether you are an individual buyer or looking for a Klik Klak wholesale.