Stoptober is here! But it isn’t exactly a news headline that smoking is bad for you. The knowledge of all the wickedness rolled within a cigarette has been renowned across generations. Your grandma will probably tell you to stay away from those evil cancer sticks if you ask her.  

Stoptober brings you a 28-day challenge to help you beat the habit. If you are having second thoughts on whether you should give it a go, let’s refresh the list of reasons you and smoking need to break up. Vapor Shop Direct Distro wishes good health and long lives to everyone, which is why we’ve put together a list of 5 reasons you need to stop smoking.




1. The risks of smoking

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK, and we are talking about a staggering number of 78,000 people a year. But cigarettes don’t just kill smokers; it hurts them a whole while before the lights go out. Smoking greatly increases the risk of developing illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and lung diseases. A recent study has concluded that smokers are anywhere between 15 and 30 times more likely to develop lung cancer throughout their life.


2. Cost associated with smoking

Smoking is expensive, and we are not just talking about the cost of medical care funded through general taxation. While tobacco may not be considered an overpriced luxury as it was centuries ago, it certainly is a huge hole in your wallet causing your income to bleed. A pack of cigarettes in the UK costs £11 on average. A smoker that goes through a pack per day ends up spending £330 a month, or close to £4000 a year.


3. The difficulty of quitting

Scarcity is what gives value. If something was easy, there would be no inherent value in it. Smoking is a difficult habit to break. nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and smokers can become physically and psychologically dependent on cigarettes. Breaking up with cigarettes is a life achievement you can be proud of, and perhaps a story you can tell your children about someday. However, there are plenty of ways to make Stoptober easier for you, such as switching to a much safer alternative such as vaping.


4. The negative impact on those around you

When you smoke, the negative impacts of your habit affect more than just you. Your family, friends, and even strangers are affected by your decision to smoke. Anyone who may happen to be around your space while you smoke will be exposed to ‘secondhand smoke’. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful as smoking, and can cause problems like respiratory infections, asthma, and cancer. If you care about the people around you, embracing Stoptober is one affectionate gift towards all of them.


5. The benefits of quitting smoking

This is indeed the primary reason why anyone must embark on the Stoptober challenge. In addition to a reduced risk of developing cancer or any cardiovascular diseases, parting with the cigarette has some tempting rewards. First of all, you will feel different; as if you have a brand-new body. Breathing would turn a lot easier, you’d regain a better sense of smell and taste, you’d stop coughing, etc. In addition to feeling better, you’ll find yourself saving an extra £4000 a year!



Why switching to vape is the easiest way to quit smoking

What makes cigarettes addictive and enjoyable is nicotine, whereas what makes them deadly is carbon monoxide and tar. Vapour delivers the same sensational nicotine kick tobacco smoke does, minus all the harmful chemicals that lead to disease. People often find it difficult to hit the brakes and stop entirely on the smoking habit without any help, and transitioning to vaping is often a much easier and safe alternative (safe since you are much more unlikely to ever return to smoking if you vape). Oh, and have we mentioned? Vaping is several times cheaper than smoking.



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