Wholesale Elf Bar Shisha Disposable Vapes

Elf Bar introduces a new vape range that is advanced in quality, style and features. It only makes vaping more delectable with the delicious flavours it offers. Any of these Elf Bar Shisha flavours contain 2ml e-liquid with 20mg nic salt in a pre-filled condition. There are a variety of flavours that vapers can choose from as per their wish. However, each Elf Bar Shisha disposable vape device is easy to use and light in weight. The device is delicate and pleasing enough that everyone will want to hold it and take vapor from it.

The device packs a 400mAh battery that can last up to 600 puffs. After you're done with the device, all you have to do is toss it and start over with the new disposable vape device.

Vapor Shop Direct Distro is the best source for shopping the range of Elf Bar Shisha at a competitive price. We have a plethora of Elf Bar disposables that are available in various flavours, sizes, strengths and puffing capacities. 

Questions And Answers - Elf Bar Shisha

  • What Is Elf Bar Shisha?

    Elf Bar Shisha Disposable Vapes have fresh and fruity flavours of Shisha and bring authentic flavour to your vape. The range of Elf Bar Shisha is available in attractive designs and portable sizes with a capacity of 600 puffs and 20 mg nic salts to be used anywhere to make a pleasant throat hit.

  • Why Buy Elf Bar Shisha?

    The Elf Bar Vape is an extension of the original Elf Bar Vape product. It comes in fruity flavours with a mix of shisha flavours to give a satisfying vape. The device contains either 20mg nicotine or 0mg nicotine and can last up to 600 puffs which is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.

  • Which Flavours Of Elf Bar Shisha Do You Have?

    Vapor Shop Direct Distro is well known as a Wholesaler of Disposable Vape Devices, E-liquids, Vape Kits, Mods, Pods, Tanks and other Vape Accessories. We have an abundance of products that are enriched with fantastic flavours. Our Elf Bar Shisha is available in the flavours Sweet Strawberry, Two Grapes, Mango Guava, and many more.

  • What Is The Difference Between Elf Bar And Elf Bar Shisha?

    Both of these vape devices are the best and have similar e-liquid capacity and good strength, but when it comes to battery life and puff count, the Elf Bar Shisha is the most recommended. Because the puff count isn't exactly predictable, but still the Elf Bar Shisha is better than the Geek Bar Vape Device.

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