Why buy Ramsey e-liquids in bulk? | Wholesale vape store in the UK

The vape market is already filled with tons of vape products – disposable vapes, nic salts, shortfills, e-liquids, and many more vape devices. Between a bunch of options, any vaper or business owner can be stuck deciding which one to buy.

Vapor Shop Direct Distro is a trusted wholesale vape store in the UK with all types of vape equipment. We keep an eye on our products, sales and customer buying behaviour so that we can conclude that Ramsey e-liquid is the most trusted and preferred e-liquid brand of vapors.

The premium quality, richness and variety draw them to the flavours discovered by Ramsey.

In this article, we take you on a tour to get up close about Ramsey and why you should believe in the brand.

Ramsey E-liquid in Bulk

Ramsey is a UK-based e-liquids brand that incorporates a variety of flavours that range from fruity, minty, menthol to a mix of sweet and sour flavours. E-liquid bottles with authentic taste are available in different sizes from 50ml to 100ml and all are TPD compliant.

When we say in line with TPD, we mean it. All Shortfill e-liquid bottles meet the guideline. They are leakproof, child-proof, and contain a limited amount of e-liquid. They have 0mg of nicotine, which means these bottles are free of nicotine.

You can also try nicotine-free vaping as well they add a good amount of salt to the bottle, shake the bottle well and make a nicotine flavoured solution.

All of these bottles have enough space inside so that the vapers can add nicotine to the concentration.

At Vapor Shop Direct Distro, we have Ramsey E-liquid flavours available in Sweet fruit salad, Fruit Berry Apple Raspberry, Mango & Pineapple, Cookies & Cream, Blood Orange Grapefruit, Ice Grape, and a lot more.

It's budget-friendly to buy e-liquids in bulk, rather than spending and pocketing each vaping device individually.

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Ramsey is one of the top e-liquid brands that never goes out of demand. Start buying all the latest flavours before they sell out.

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