Are vape mods safe to use?

There are many different types of vaping devices available, each with its own unique vaping experience. If you are an experienced vaper trying to find the best vape out there made right for you, vape mods are your best choice. Sure, they are customizable and badass, but are vape mods safe to use? Vapor Shop Direct Distribution is here to unveil the truth about vape mods.


What is a Vape mod?

Before knowing whether Vape mods are safe to use, first of all, you need to know what Vape mods really are. A Vape mod is a bigger, bulkier and highly customizable vaping device which can be easily fitted to the vaper’s liking. Hence the word “mod”. Vape mods can be customized all the way from the ground up so that you can add the features you like for a vape and replace or remove the features you dislike in the vape.

A vape mod allows for customization in terms of the liquid tank, the coil, and the brand of battery, if it uses what some people would call ‘external batteries’, which really means removable batteries. To my knowledge, no vape devices use external batteries, but plenty of vape mods use removable batteries and built-in batteries too!


Are Vape mods safe to use?

Let us address the elephant in the room, now that you know what a Vape mod is. Are vape mods safe to use? The short answer is: Yes! Vape mods are extremely safe to use even though they typically include a huge battery and a variety of strong capabilities. You may even argue that Vape mods are safer than cheaper vape pens purchased from aftermarket sellers.

Every vape comes with its own dangers like exploding of the battery and overheating. The Vape mods are slightly riskier than the normal disposable vape because the vape achieves higher temperatures because of the increased power supplied by the batteries. Even though this is riskier than normal vapes; you don’t have to worry much if you are sticking to the necessary precautions while using the vape.

Vape mods are for slightly advanced vapers. Having a thorough understanding of the vaping process is crucial if you want to use a Vape mod. Understanding the composition of e-liquid and how this impacts the requirements of the Vape mod and things like the coil will have an impact on this as well. Understanding the coil resistance is crucial knowledge for these devices to avoid burning through coils or e-liquid at a breakneck speed!

These Vape mods are best suited for experienced vapers because the vape mods should be delicately maintained to decrease the possibility of the battery exploding. The major reason for the exploding batteries is loose batteries. This mainly occurs when you put the vapes in the pockets. A study done by the FDA for Tobacco Products researchers says that 77.3% of burns caused by vaping accidents were to the upper leg and lower trunk—the location of the hip pocket.


Best practices and precautions

Although the vast majority of devices from reputable retailers and brands are safe to use, you shouldn't treat your Vape mod or vape pen carelessly. When using your vaping device, take into account the following safety advice to not only keep yourself safe but also to maximize the life of your vape. So here are some good practices to avoid any possibility of a threat to safety by a Vape mod.

  • Keep your device out of direct sunlight when storing. The best way to prevent your Vape mod battery to overheat is by doing this. Always keep your gadget at normal temperature while not in use. Handle your vape mod with care if you are traveling with it, and avoid leaving it in a potentially dangerous position.
  • After prolonged use, take a break from your Vape mod. After a lengthy vaping session, you could notice that your Vape mod is getting warm to the touch. This is because as you inhale from your Vape mod, the battery has been continuously powering the heating element.
  • Use only cartridges and attachments from authorized resellers or brands. The use of shady, pre-filled cartridges is the cause of many of the issues with vape pens overheating or exploding.



Everything has its own dangers and risks and it’s you who should be careful and responsible when dealing with them. Just like that, these Vape mods are safe until you use them responsibly. In conclusion, Vape mods are as safe as any other vape in the market, and with some customization, you can make it even safer.

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