Instead of spending money every time you visit a local or online vape store, it's reliable to buy products at wholesale prices. As vaping has become a sensation across the UK, disposable vape devices have won the hearts of millennials. They are attracted to vape over traditional cigarettes because of the features that come with disposable vapes.

If you have plans to start your own vape business or just can't resist vaping, you need to stock up on delicious disposable vape devices.

Vapor Shop Direct Distro is a leading Distributor of Disposable Vape Device Wholesale. A wide range of disposable vapes are available at wholesale prices that are far more reasonable than the unit sale prices.

  • If you crave an Elf BarGeek Bar, or any other disposable vape device all the time, buy them in bulk and get rid of spending often on such devices.

  • If business is on your mind, then starting a vape store in the UK can bring you more profits as there is a huge demand for vaping. There are a myriad of vape brands and flavours available to represent in front of your vape store and drive customers.

Here, we have all the most successful disposable vape device brands you would like to buy for your start-up vape business in the UK.

No matter the size, style, colour, flavour, or strength of nicotine your customers demand, we have them all at wholesale prices.

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What are the characteristics of disposable vape devices?

Our disposable vape devices contain 2ml e-liquid with 20mg nicotine strength and are available in authentic flavours. They are pre-loaded and pre-charged with an in-built battery that can last from 500 to 600 puffs depending on the vape model you choose and the vape capacity you have.


How can I get the prices of each product?

Visit the store and register with us to find out the prices of each product. Along with disposable vape devices, we sell premium quality e-liquidstankspodsmodsvape kitscoils, and other vape accessories for a nominal amount.


What do we offer that others don't?

It is a genuine question that may rise up in anyone’s mind. The market is flooded with wholesale vape providers, then why would you buy them from us? Here are a few highlights of our services to help you differ us from others, 

  • Variations 

Never let your customers get bored with disposable vape products from the same brand. Encourage them to try something new every time they visit your online or offline store. To do this, we have 50+ disposable vape brands available in great flavours – fruit flavours, peppermint, menthol, tobacco, candy, bubblegum, and so on. If you stock various disposable vape products in your store and advertise your business properly, it will help you to get profit.

  • Free delivery

We enable a free delivery option for purchases over £350 from stores in the UK. Along with disposable vape devices, pods, mods, vape kits, and other vape products are available to add to cart and take advantage of free delivery.

  • Any time purchase 

It will be easy to navigate through the contact information, deliveryreturn options, subscriptions and other menus, but if you need us, we will be available to assist you. You can buy from the store anytime and anywhere.

  • Be the first to get news 

You can get an instant notification on your device or email whenever a new product arrives or we plan a clearance sale. But for that, you need to subscribe to our newsletter and activate this feature for your future purchases.

How many vape brands do you have?

At Vapor Shop Direct Distro, we have over 50 brands for just disposable vape devices and about 300+ other vape products. Plus, our vape devices are packed with a mix of tantalising flavours and fruity flavours that anyone would crave.


Are disposable vapes safe?

Disposable vapes are perfectly safe when handled properly. Ensure you read the instructions on the packaging that accompany the device. Refrain from using a wet or leaking device to minimize the risk of fire or injury.


Where can I purchase Elf Bars near me?

Vapor Shop Direct Distro has a wide range of Elf Bar products available for individual purchase or wholesale.


Do you still have any questions about our wholesale disposable vape devices?

Find your favourite vape brand from the wholesale vape store, or give us a call to briefly discuss your expectations and some suggestions about the most trending flavours or brands.

Connect with us today.