Why You Should Buy Lost Mary DM600 X2 Disposable Vapes in Bulk

The Lost Mary DM600 X2 sets a new benchmark in disposable vaping, offering an impressive 1200 puffs—double the typical capacity of a 600-puff disposable. This TPD-compliant device boasts an 850mAh battery and a preinstalled 2ml nicotine salt e-liquid pod. In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct Distro takes an in-depth look at the Lost Mary DM600 X2 disposable vape, so that you can make an informed decision before you buy them in bulk for your vape store. 

The Lost Mary DM600 X2 Has Plenty to Offer

Experience exceptional value with the DM600 X2, delivering twice the usual puffs through its two prefilled pods and robust 850mAh battery. With approximately 1200 puffs, this disposable vape surpasses the standard, contributing to environmental sustainability with its larger battery capacity. Since going green is the new trend in the vape world, the device is popular amongst vapers.

Activating DM600 X2 pods is a straightforward process, ensuring quick and hassle-free usability. Distributors can provide clear instructions to end-users for easy activation and enjoyment.

The Lost Mary DM600 X2 prioritizes taste with QUAQ technology and mesh coil innovation, offering an unparalleled vaping experience. Distributors can highlight the innovative coil technology and superior taste to attract customers looking for premium disposable vapes.

The visual transparency of DM600 X2 e-liquid pods, allowing users to monitor their remaining e-liquid effortlessly. Distributors can underscore the industry-wide shift towards automation and efficient battery recycling for a more sustainable vaping experience.

DM600 X2 Flavours

The diverse range of twenty fruit, tobacco, and menthol-based flavours available for bulk purchase, cater to a wide range of customer preferences. Distributors can emphasize the extensive flavor options to attract a broader customer base.

Recycling Initiative

As vape stores and distributors, it is our responsibility to promote the recycling initiative of Lost Mary DM600 X2 to your customers. The device features a lithium-ion battery that can be recycled to minimize environmental impact. Encourage users to responsibly dispose of used vapes by taking them to local recycling centers or utilizing designated recycling vessels. 

Buy Lost Mary DM600 X2 Disposable Vapes in Bulk From Vapor Shop Direct Distro

By purchasing Lost Mary DM600 X2 disposable vapes in bulk from Vapor Shop Direct Distro, vape stores can capitalize on the device's exceptional features, offering customers an innovative and sustainable vaping experience.