Why Sourcing Your Vapes Directly From China Is Risky?

Let's cut it short and answer the question "is purchasing your vape directly from China safe?". The answer would be "No". If you are here to get the best vape in the market and yet confused with the other options you may have, we will direct you to the right decision.


Quality Control

The majority of Chinese products can have variable quality. Since you can’t visit the outlet physically, the only option you have to pick the vape you want is to go through some stock pictures and read possibly fake reviews. Making sure that the vape you ordered is the exact same vape you receive, if you ever do, is quite tough. The second challenge would be acquiring after-sales support from the vendor, even if you received the same vape that you paid for. In case you have to return your vape back to the seller, it won't be as easy as looking for a cheap product on the internet.


Shipping And Logistics

Picking the most efficient way to get your shipment done can be difficult and expensive more than you could imagine. It is going to cost you a fortune if you are buying an individual item or a small number of vapes from China.

Sometimes, you may have to pay extra money in order to “Release” your vape from the custom. And yes, there are a few "Free Shipping" options available online, but they will take longer than usual. Also, do not forget that the quality of the product is never the responsibility of the shipping company.


Payment Frauds

The most dangerous step of this entire process is making the payment for the vape you have chosen from "Unsafe" websites or supposedly reputable websites. The vast majority of online scammers are difficult to spot until your money is gone.

The biggest issue here is not making a one-time payment; once you give a scammer your card information, they will have unlimited access to your bank account until you close it for good. You must now choose whether to put your money in danger just because something seems simple and secure. And there could be legal issues with buying directly from China. Since you are buying vapes that are under "Tobacco Products" even though most of the flavours do not contain tobacco, there might be some law attachments behind those purchases. And they can lead you to serious troubles. 


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By choosing the most secure and effective method to purchase your vape, you can steer well clear of the problems we discussed in this article.

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