How To Pick a Brick and Mortar Location for your Vape Shop

A lot of vape businesses do sell online, but not everyone uses the internet for shopping, which is why a brick and mortar store can be useful, but you need to get the right location in order to get customers. so today I'm going to guide you through how to do it.


The size of the shop is definitely important. If you have it too small, the stock may not fit in the shop. A shop too big might be a waste of money. 

Most vape shops are in the range of 800 to 1,500 square feet, about the size of a 1-2 bedroom apartment.  This includes the front of the shop and the back rooms.  

This size can be adjusted, as some vape shops can be over 2000 square feet. Some can even be 3000 square feet with a coffee bar. 


To be a successful store, you want a good brand to show off. You want your customers to know what to expect from the moment they walk in. The name, the decorations, the atmosphere all has to be what your customers want. You also need to make sure your sign is visible from the street, so people can find you.


Like any shop, the store needs to be easy to get to. Having a store in the middle of nowhere isn't going to bring much business. You want to have your store in a populous area, perhaps near a shopping centre. You want to be where your customers are and set up your store there.

Settling In

Moving into your shop is like moving into a new house. You want to use an estate agent to find the perfect place and learn about the neighbourhoods. You may still want to get your own ideas of where to live, since not all estate agents have sold vape shops before.


We hope this information has helped, and good luck with your business!