Can Elf Bars Leak

Vapor Shop Direct Distribution is back to tackle another question about Elf Bars: "Can Elf Bars leak?".

If you're like us, you'd want that delicious vape juice inside the vape tank rather than soaked all over your pocket. Some disposable vapes are susceptible to leaking mainly due to poorly built and fragile bodies. Even if you bought your disposable vape from a reputable store, you'll end up with a leaking vape if you don't take care of your device well. Elf Bars, just like other disposable vapes may cause leaks if mishandled.


Can Elf Bars Leak?

Elf Bars have been dominating the disposable vape market for some time now. Almost everybody loves it and for a good reason. Starting from its look to its performance, everything about Elf Bars is perfect. It provides you with nicotine levels starting from 0mg to 20mg and 39 unique exquisite flavours to choose from.  

Can Elf Bars leak? The simple answer is no. Elf Bar is a sealed pod system. With its slender tube-like body, there is no gap for the e-liquid to flow outside of the device. However, a damaged device may very well leak e-liquid, particularly if the damage extends to the tank.  As a general rule of thumb, an Elf Bar you purchased from a reputable store and didn't accidentally drop will not leak.


Some good practices

Adding some good practices to your vaping is worth it. There is nothing wrong with being extra careful. It is important to keep in mind that your device is not invulnerable despite being free of leaks. Here are some advisable practices to eliminate the likelihood of experiencing any leaks.

  • Treat your vape like any other electronic device. Do not drop it from a height or place it at the edge of a surface.
  • Keep your vape Vertical and upright at all times. It is not good for your disposables to stay horizontal for long periods of time. Make sure that your Elf Bar is stored vertically while travelling or storing it.
  • Avoid quick inhaling when vaping. Slow inhaling is so much better. It avoids the risk of flooding the coil and you will be able to enjoy the flavours of the vape so much better.



Elf Bars generally don't leak. They are sealed pods with the e-liquid safely encolsed within the built-in tank. However, this doesn't mean that Elf Bars are immune to damage. If your Elf Bar is leaking, then either the unit is damaged or you are just not treating your vape right.


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