5 Latest Disposable Vapes to Try in April 2022 | Vapor Shop Direct Distribution - Disposable Vapes Wholesale

April is going to be a mix of cold and hot days. If you want to increase your business bar during April & May 2022, stocking up the store with these 5 new additions is a must consider.

It has been said that success has no shortcuts, and if you want to reach the top of the market, you should keep a close eye on the market trends, customers’ choices, changes in their choices, target market, and a lot more. 

If you are running a vape store in the UK, there is no need to highlight how people are crazy about all the vape devices. As disposable vapes are the most convenient vapes for the vapers, they prefer trying out different flavours and models. 

Here are the 5 latest disposable vapes that you should spend on. 

1. Elf Bar NC 600 Shisha Disposable Vape Device

Elf bar is one of the most searched and used disposable vape devices. They always come up with something newer and tastier in the vape market that grabs all the attention of vapers. Recently, they have designed and drifted Elf Bar NC 600 Shisha disposable vapes in the market. The device is available in fruity flavours that any vaper would like to spend in them. As April is started, you should stock up your vape store’s shelves with different flavours of this range of Elf Bar.  


Elux is already a well-known vape brand that remains under the spotlight. They produce something new every now and then, and the Elux bar 600 legacy kov disposable vape device is an extension to their ranges. Vapor Shop Direct Distribution is a renowned wholesaler of vape devices. We have a variety of flavours available at our store that you can buy at the bulk price and drive business profits.   


Elux never fails to add variations in the models of disposable vape devices. They keep on trying to improve their flavours, model styles, and tastes to connect with as many customers as they can. The new range of Elux Legend Solo is diamond-shaped which has attracted the attention of vapers that want to flaunt in style with this device. It is filled with 2% of e-liquid with 20mg of nicotine strength. The device comes up in a variety of flavours. 


When fruity and sour taste combines together, it definitely steals the crown of the best vape device. Elux Flow 600 disposable vape device arrives with a classy range of flavours and attractive models that vapers couldn’t take their eyes off the device. The range of disposable vapes is powered by a 500mAh battery and could last up to 600 puffs.


Vapers who enjoy strong throat punch should never miss trying IVG bar disposable pod device. This range of devices is new in the vape market and we have stocked up on all the delicious flavours. There are tasty flavours and captivative device models that vapers would surely try out. 

Final thought, 

Buy all the new disposable vapes at a reasonable price from wholesale vape stores in the UK. Vapor Shop Direct Distribution is in the vape market for a long period and has all the latest vape collections at a single stop.