Smok Helmet Coil 0.85ohm (Pack of 5)

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Smok Helmet Coil 0.85ohm (Pack of 5)

A fantastic Clapton coil made with Kanthal A1 wire for the Helmet subohm tank.

  • 0.85 Ohm.
  • 100% organic Japanese cotton wick.
  • Kanthal A1 Clapton wire.


The coil is made with Kanthal A1 Clapton wire.
This will not only provide a lot of vapour but also an amazingly clear taste from your e-juice.
The wick is made from 100% organic Japanese cotton that will ensure an ample and stable juice flow to your coil.

These coils have a resistance of 0.85 Ohm

When using 0.85 Ohm coils, please note:
-You will need a SubOhm battery, a powerful VW Mod or a Mech Mod.
-If using a Mech Mod you must use batteries of at least 30 Amp or higher.
-Remember to prime your new coil before filling liquid in the tank. Drip aprox. 8 drops of e-juice directly onto the wick inside the coil to make sure it is drenched in juice. Then fill the tank with juice and wait a few minutes before using the tank.
-Start up on a low Watt setting (if using a VW Mod) and increse the power gradually.
-The best Wattage setting for these coils are between 25-55 Watt.


Purchase is for:

 5 pcs - Smok Helmet CLP coils with a resistance of  0.85 Ohm.

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